3DMBC Team

Amirhossein Emamikoupaei

Amirhossein Emamikoupaei holds a bachelor's in Civil Engineering and a master's in Civil-Earthquake Engineering at the Shahid Beheshti University, Iran. His research interests include developing Finite Element modelling in Python, seismic vulnerability assessment, development of incremental dynamic analysis (IDA) and appropriate probabilistic seismic demand model (PSDMs) for performance-based methods, and earthquake duration.

He currently focuses on the seismic vulnerability assessment of Modular Building Systems and seismic nonlinear responses of Modular Building Systems under near-fault forward-directivity and non-forward-directivity ground motions under supervision of Professor Konstantinos Daniel Tsavdaridis.

From 2012, he worked on some construction projects such as the construction project of the office building (building, electrical and mechanical facilities) of Bandar Abbas Class F power plant in Iran, the construction project of 396 housing units, and the construction project of steel building of a commercial complex. He has also worked as a teaching associate at OmranZagros Civil Engineering Institute in Iran and he has taught some structural courses.